Proof of Life

Why Bitcoin is a Living Organism

What is Life?

Based on Chris Packard’s Characteristics of Life, cc-by-sa 4.0

What is Bitcoin?

“Honey badger don’t care, honey badger don’t give a fuck.”


The Bitcoin Organism

“Briefly, and non-technically, Bitcoin is the first example of a new form of life. It lives and breathes on the internet. It lives because it can pay people to keep it alive. It lives because it performs a useful service that people will pay it to perform. It lives because anyone, anywhere, can run a copy of its code. It lives because all the running copies are constantly talking to each other. It lives because if any one copy is corrupted it is discarded, quickly and without any fuss or muss. It lives because it is radically transparent: anyone can see its code and see exactly what it does.“

Ralph Merkle

“Life is like fire, not water; it is a process, not a pure substance. […] The simplest, but not the only, proof of life is to find something that is alive.”

Christopher McKay