True Names cover illustration by Bob Walters; Mask and background image by Lucho Poletti

On Identity and Pseudonymity in Cyberspace

First published in Citadel 21, Volume 4.

In 1981, at a time where the internet was in its infancy (and I was just a gleam in my father’s eye), the legendary mathematician, computer scientist, and science-fiction author Vernor Vinge published his prophetic novella True Names. The story unfolds in two…

A letter to all of you who still have no bitcoin.

I am writing this letter because I am convinced of two things: (1) our current money is fundamentally broken (2) using superior money will benefit you in particular — and society in general — in the long run.

Money is a touchy subject — most people don’t like to…

Citadel of Exile by Sam Keiser

An optimistic letter to friends and foes around the globe.

The madness of this world became obvious in an instant. Everything is changing way faster than most of us ever imagined — but I’m not worried. To the contrary, I’m weirdly optimistic — because of Bitcoin, and because of you.

You probably don’t know me; I probably don’t know you…

The world you know and love is no more, even if it isn’t obvious to every one of you just yet. We will look back at this moment in time, the months we are currently living through, the weeks that will mark the line between the pre-virus and the post-virus…


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